New Release “What Happened to Bozo in Vegas” by Gary Orona

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What Happened to Bozo in Vegas by Gary Orona

Las Vegas as Backdrop in a Newly Released Savage Territory Work by Gary Orona

This piece has been crawling around in my mind for quite some time. I’d found this rare section of desert that still remains on the Las Vegas Strip a few years ago and couldn’t shake the clarity of it as a stark reality of what Las Vegas really is. Illusions, greed, smoke and mirrors, facades with toxic realities, hypocritical, fantasy, liberation, the place of dreams, call it as you wish Vegas is absolutely wonderful. It’s a perfect reflection of what we are.

I’m interested in what is on its perimeter, not what it pretends to be in its center. This is where the magic resides. We pretend when we are here, but what is its truth?

The answer might be here. What happened to Bozo in Vegas?

This work is a huge native size of around 500mb and I will be offering it as an ultra limited edition. It will print to 60″ x 20″ and larger with stunning fine detail. I’ll update this post when it’s ready for discerning buyers.

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Good Thoughts – Gary Orona

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