Turn Around There’s a Goblin Behind You!

Goblin Rock at Goblin Valley, Utah by Gary Orona

Goblin Rock at Goblin Valley, Utah by Gary Orona

Watch Your Back for Amazing Landscape Photography

When I’m trekking out in wild landscapes I watch my back very frequently. You never know what might sneak up on you. No I’m not talking about mountain lions although I’ve run across fresh cat scat so many times it has crept into my constant awareness! What I’m talking about is periodically turning around and scanning the landscape to my back for two important reasons.

First I’m looking for landmarks that I will see when I’m headed back. If I’m in difficult and maze-like badlands I want markers to get me back to the Land Rover safely. I don’t use rock cairns as markers for many reasons which I’ll get into in a future post so for now, I do not like cairns.

Secondly, sometimes amazing things are happening right behind you. The light is different, the perspective is different and that huge rock you just passed up may look completely amazing from the other side.

So I’m often turning and marching backwards which perplexes newbies I’ve got with me for the trip. I can almost read their minds as the ‘city folk’ are asking themselves, “what the hell is he doing”? Years ago I took an urbanite friend of mine into the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and as I continually marched turned, shifted and gazed intensely across the horizon I could see that he was becoming very uneasy. This went on for hours and soon he was really looking paranoid. When I asked if he was okay he confessed that he was frightened because I seemed so concerned about bears, or mountain lions or some other predator that might jump us!

I laughed and explained that I was memorizing landmarks and watching for possible shots. The blood returned to his face and later that night he had a great time downing a few beers at the campfire unconcerned about death while on a photo adventure!

So here’s this photo of a rock goblin in Goblin Valley, Utah. And yes it snuck up on me. If I hadn’t turned around I would have missed the shot.

Good Thoughts – Gary Orona

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