What to Do When You Find a Skull in Savage Territory

How I Worked Out the Problem of Bighorn Skull Canyon

When wandering around a primal landscape far off the beaten trails you may just find a mountain lion kill site complete with bighorn sheep skull, spinal column and an entire leg bone assembly. The question is: what to do? In this short video I explain how I handled this situation for a Savage Territory work to add to my fine art photography collection.

And yes the thought did occur to me that the big cat that did this could be in the neighborhood, but frankly I’m out in these places 5 to 6 days a week and I figure I must not smell that tasty because I haven’t gotten hit yet!

I’m in their territory all the time and I know they’ve been watching me! I find big cat scat often but thankfully it’s usually dry and aged… usually. ;)

Wander over to SavageTerritory.com for the big ultra limited edition prints.

Good Thoughts – Gary Orona

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