Film TV Reels & Trailers

TV and Film Productions Produced, Directed and Shot by Gary Orona:

As a world class producer, director and cinematographer Gary Orona has created hundreds of programs and feature length films which have been broadcast and exhibited on HBO/Cinemax, Fox TV, Showtime, DirecTV, USA Channel, BSkyB, and many more networks worldwide. The following reels are recent projects which display Gary’s fine art photographic work for Savage Territory Gallery which he and his wife own in Green River, Utah. Enjoy!

Show Reel of productions I have produced, directed and photographed which have been exhibited on HBO/Cinemax, Showtime Australia, USA Channel, BSkyB Great Britain, Fox Broadcasting and much more. PLEASE BE AWARE there is some partial nudity in this show reel! If you are offended by tasteful nudity DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Trailer for Lake Lucifer 2017