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NEW RELEASE: Vampire Skull in Savage Territory

gary orona vampire skull

Vampire Skull in Savage Territory by Gary Orona

I Finally Found the Vampire Skull in Savage Territory!

I’ve been hauling this vampire skull around in my secondary backpack for a few weeks now and yesterday I finally found the perfect setting for a very large panoramic photograph. I was searching for an almost other-worldly setting in the canyon landscapes of Southeastern Utah near my place in Green River, Utah. My secondary pack is a small pack which I wear on the front of my chest. My beautiful wife, Tabitha Stevens always laughs when I have it on as it looks somewhat like I’ve got a child strapped in up there. With it and my much larger camera system/technical pack on my back I must look like an overzealous expedition maniac to folks on the trail.

Truth is I’m rarely on a trail so it’s not much of an ego-strike!

So yesterday as we scrambled on bright red sandstone crags around looking for photo ops I kept an eye on the approaching afternoon lightning storm hoping that it would get close (but not too close) for some sky drama. And then it happened. These images come together at the least most expected times. They can happen very fast, sometimes on the same day as I gather the concept but more often than not they take quite a lot of time to gestate. I’ve got notes on works I’d like to do that have taken years and I still don’t have the shot because the perfect creative storm just hasn’t manifest itself.

That’s the nature of fine art works. There is much suffering. But every moment is worth it when the outcome is something like Vampire Skull in Savage Territory.

It’s available over at my ultra limited editions site www.SavageTerritory.com

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What to Do When You Find a Skull in Savage Territory

How I Worked Out the Problem of Bighorn Skull Canyon

When wandering around a primal landscape far off the beaten trails you may just find a mountain lion kill site complete with bighorn sheep skull, spinal column and an entire leg bone assembly. The question is: what to do? In this short video I explain how I handled this situation for a Savage Territory work to add to my fine art photography collection.

And yes the thought did occur to me that the big cat that did this could be in the neighborhood, but frankly I’m out in these places 5 to 6 days a week and I figure I must not smell that tasty because I haven’t gotten hit yet!

I’m in their territory all the time and I know they’ve been watching me! I find big cat scat often but thankfully it’s usually dry and aged… usually. ;)

Wander over to SavageTerritory.com for the big ultra limited edition prints.

Good Thoughts – Gary Orona

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A Hike in Savage, Primordial Landscapes is Good for the Soul!

gary orona photographer

The best form of therapy when one’s mind and body is poisoned by the illusions of modern urban and suburban life is a brisk hike into the harsh reality of the true environment of Earth. The wilderness out here will cut you, tear you, stress your cooling system, bruise you and send your heart racing and this is a beautiful reminder of the sublime nature of our world and our place in it.

When you watch the blood drip down your leg from the Jumping Cholla that just slashed your thigh you will know that you are alive.

Good Thoughts,

Gary Orona


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